The Academy is writers are: Fiz and Ian


I am just a commoner like most of u guys.

There’s nothing fanciful or outlandish about me or my achievements. The only prolly unique feature (and by no means am i proud of it!) abt me what most of u peeps dun even wish to smile about is the half-broken, decaying front tooth. That surely explains why i chose to hide the infamous ‘say cheese! smile’ in my photo. And that too, explains why i remained single to this very day since the major break-up last four years ago, and still counting.


Not all love’s lost though, as i still manage to befriend a lot of ladies to fill the gaping hole left by my ex. But sadly, it just stagnated as such – just friends. So, sob, indeed, and the hole never actually got mended.

But inevitably, like ive mentioned, the social network expanded like never before.

While i failed miserably in knitting the heart tgth, i gained alot in unraveling the thoughts of the women whom i went out with. That’s when i decided i should take a step further and put the general dating scene in Singapore into perspective.

Questions, mostly without reservations, were directed towards men and women alike on issues like age preferences, status and money, religious views, and many more. I took special care in ensuring that the responses werent  politically correct, coz thats what we’re all interested in anyway: cold, hard truths!

Who knows, with these statistics and trends, i could devise another version of The Game, Singapore style.

Really, its like killing two (love) birds with one stone. 🙂


It’s a Saturday. Clock says 5.57pm. Calendar says 24 September 2011. Seriously, now is not a perfect time to write or post a blog. But hey, it’s not about me. It’s about you peeps. I’m on a high right now cos I just scored 4 goals during my weekend football. But who gives a shit. Seriously? Other than my group of football buddies. I had a great meal and feel like shitting now.

Okay enough about that. Time to divulge in serious stuff.

I believe I have a flair for writing. I have everything – a job, a stable financial status, am not financially embarrassed, am taking a part time degree, spare for one. I don’t have a babe. My exes were dumped or broke up with me. I feel like a shit at times but lately, it’s like some divine intervention happened.

I found new energy, some sort of paradise. So fuck everything, it’s my life and mine to enjoy. So to you peeps, enjoy yourselves, and find something new. Enjoy all the small things. Which is why the SGSayang team approached me. It seems good, this idea of the love scene in Singapore being studied.

Oh yeah, I don’t believe I’m an average Joe. I’m not Brad Pitt either. But I’m superficial when it comes to girls. Abit. Just a tinge of superficiality. Who isn’t? Nobody wants to be steady with Big Momma, unless she pays $5000 per month. But in that case, it would be called sugar mummy. If you talk alot, you can be my girl 🙂

Yes, it’s a tough fight for the love scene in Singapore. But if it’s that easy, I’ll be knocking on some agency in Lucky Plaza. Love is a battlefield, and we singles are the strong. Yes we are.

May you be enlightened with our blog. Cheerio.


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