SGSayang is dedicated to provide in-depth coverage of the love scene in Singapore. We based this on trends, statistics and through interviews. We cater for Singaporean from all walks of life. We prefer to lay down the facts and let you do the judgement instead of direct aggressive advice on what to do.

To complicated to decipher? Here’s the gist of our wordpress content in a nutshell.

1) Area of Focus/Setting for Haunt:

Ground perspective on the love scene and trends in Singapore. This is imperative to obtain perspectives of the layman or girl next door.

On contrary, this is unlike the ‘tips’ from ‘love gurus’ who seem to bring the impression of know-it-all. We do not highlight any expert opinion on what to do. We just want our view of why and what happens currently.

2) Target Board:

We do not focus on any particular backgrounds, status, race, religion. Neither do we emphasize on just working adults.

We cater to everyone but our niche audience is all you singles out there. If you’re attached but available, you’re welcome as well.

3) Who We Are:

We are not a matchmaking website.

We are just a group of bloggers getting various viewpoints.

We do not offer direct/aggressive advise/solutions on what to do.

Instead, we let you do the thinking on what suits you best.

Let’s embark on the love journey together. Bon Voyage!

SGSayang Team


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