Dont get me wrong guys, i do not expect u to feel sorry for the state that im in. Like ive mentioned, i still got the opportunities to get to know more gals and im content enough for us to be friends, platonic or not. Some even turned out to be close friends till now, actually.

But, as of today, i still couldnt resist shouting out loud that i got an air stewardess’ number!

Haha 🙂 Maybe i should go for nurses as well; who knows she’s got the touch to treat my wounds? Or a policewoman to  lock me up for stealing her heart?


K enough bout me and my ‘achievements’. I figured that it’d be wonderful for our blog to be as colourful and lively as possible. What better ways than to give an overview of how sgsayang will operate rite?

SGsayang Mind-map overview

Let’s begin with the ‘Education’ branch and move clockwise.

1) Singapore – a country hard-wired to perceive education as the most important factor to excel in life. We all knew that. But really,  how much does paper qualifications determine one’s preferences for a potential date?

Would a graduate mind going out with someone who’s lower educated than him/her?

2) Common sense tells us that women would love to be with someone who holds a strong position in his company. Charming and brimming with confidence, she would also be happy to learn how much $$$ he has in his savings account.

But what if it’s the other way round; would you even dare to contemplate dating your lady boss?

3) Whats gonna be so special about our blog is the first-hand responses we receive thru interview sessions. We would then consolidate all the transcripts and study the preferences and trends. Dun worry, all the particulars will be kept confidential and who knows, if we’re established enough, we would be interrogating your famous local actors and actresses too!

4) ‘Pretty woman, walking down the street. Pretty woman, the kind i like to meet’… While not many would deny the truth from Roy Orbison’s opening song, how much is this relevant to Singapore’s context? Will physical traits outdo moral or financial well-being?

If so, how does the ‘ah bengs‘ and ‘mats‘ get all babes then?

5) Ah, that multi-racial diversity! People of different races and cultures blending into one, harmonious Singapore. But really, how much role does one’s skin colour play in affecting his/her judgement in love? Love is, afterall, blind, but can it be colour-blind too?

6) The plan is to design, in a way, for this blog to be an 0n-going process. It’s easily achievable by continuously reviewing movies, books, articles, websites or products we may find interesting for (would-be) couples to indulge in.

7) Of course, finally, the heavy truth about age. What will be the ideal age to get married in singapore? How will the response differ with respect to the educational level, spread across the different races?

Ok, there u go. Pretty hefty stuff i wrote for my second post, huh. But the fact that u’re reading this proves that ure enjoying urself, and probably wouldnt want me to stop. Heh.

Finally, a warm welcome to Ian, our new writer for SGsayang. Hopefully, he would offer more interesting inputs for this blog.

Till then, take care y’all!




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