Virgin Post



So this will be my first post ever for the blog! There will always be a first time for everything, rite?

OKAY, lets stop the gibberish and here’s the deal. After separating with my ex years ago, i finally get out of my comfort zone and tried hooking up as many ladies as possible.

The first few dates were less than enjoyable. I dont usually earn a second call-up after the first date and most of the outings were juz with a couple of lady friends. Partly the reason was i’m cash-less, car-less and needless to say, hope-less. I was inclined into thinking that singaporean women are nothing but spoilt, educated brats. Gone are the days when chivalry and kindness precedes the value of the dollar notes. Yes, i even tried the novelty of writing poems and making videos and drawing portraits, but what the hell am i thinking?!

I definitely missed out on the fact that this isnt the 16th century english era where knights in shining armour scoured the land just to save damsels in distress!

I was even rudely jolted when some of them

1) refused to go out with me cause she hates taking the public transport. Bang!

2) degraded her ex-bf by saying that he’s more stupid than her just because she’s higher educated than him. Ouch!

3) stood me up for ONE freaking hour before finalizing that she wont want to go out with me. Fuhyo!

So it kinda had an avalanche of after-effects on me. Undeterred, i decided to shift my attention to the un-DIPLOMA-tic women, and got a better response. With lower expectations, i could finally stamp my authority and was suddenly transformed to be the dependable male. Definitely and ego-booster for me!

However,all these led me into scrutinizing the complications related to the effects of education for women.

But no, i wont be jumping into conclusions just as yet. And neither am i an advocate to diminish the equal-opportunity rights for the fairer sex. Especially not when my arguments are merely baseless accusations without facts and statistics. I dun wish for a tirade of angry responses from u lovely guys anyways.

You could say these are only the appetizers for what u can expect next, so stay tune peeps!



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